Pure Smiles – Steering Clear of Coffee Stains on Your Teeth

Coffee stains on your teeth can be noticeable and cause you to be self-conscious; discolouration of teeth can also lead to other concerns you might not consider, as they result from bacteria in your mouth.

So, how do we avoid getting coffee stains on our teeth? Let’s look at the best ways to keep coffee stains off your teeth, so they look their best.

Tips for Avoiding Coffee Stains

The most effective way to avoid coffee stains is not to drink coffee at all, but for some people, that isn’t a realistic possibility; you don’t have to cut out something you enjoy entirely, but reducing the amount you consume will do you no harm. If you drink coffee in the afternoon, try switching to something less acidic in the afternoon instead.

After each cup of coffee, rinse your mouth with water to wash away the bacteria the coffee has introduced to your mouth. After you’ve done this, you can brush your teeth as usual.

Many people like to drink iced coffee instead of hot drinks, but this can depend on the season. If you choose to drink iced coffee, it will help to use a straw so less of the coffee will touch your teeth.

While it might seem like brushing your teeth immediately after drinking coffee would be beneficial, this isn’t true, unfortunately. Coffee is an acidic beverage; brushing your teeth straight after drinking coffee could weaken the enamel on your teeth and lead to further staining.

Dental Treatments for Stained Teeth

If the preventative steps you’ve taken to avoid coffee stains have failed, you might decide to go ahead with teeth whitening treatment to address the colour of your smile.

You can explore teeth whitening services with Pure Smiles to lighten the colour of your teeth by several shades; the process is done using Enlighten Evolution. You’ll see that the experts use a gel and blue light treatment to remove stains effectively.

It’s a long-lasting treatment that won’t break the bank, meaning you won’t need to worry about the financial cost of the treatment as you won’t need to get it done often. The tooth serum that Pure Smiles uses rectifies defects in the enamel to reduce teeth sensitivity and further protects them against stains without causing any harm to your teeth. The process is perfectly safe, and the results will be evident almost immediately.

You might think that coffee stains are difficult to remove from your teeth, but this isn’t the case when you use an accredited whitening treatment through a reputable dental practice like Pure Smiles; explore the website for all the dental treatment options available.